MC911 Mobile Panic Button


Mobile Panic Device for use in South Africa


Device Prices:

Monthly subscription:

Debit Order

  • The first subscription debit order will be processed on the 1st banking day of next month.
  • Subsequent subscription debit orders will be processed on the 1st banking day of each month.


  • No phone required
  • Listen in to emergency technology
  • Two way voice communication
  • Includes airtime and data
  • Long battery life
  • Low battery reminder SMS to your phone
  • Includes premium Ambulance plan

Terms and conditions apply:

-     Client is responsible to complete the basic emergency profile form when ordering the device as this is required for programming the device. The device cannot be dispatched to the client without this information being completed

-     MOBI-CLAW911 will ensure that there is always airtime and data on the device so that panic activations are delivered as required. The monthly subscription includes up to eight activations through the month. Activations exceeding this will be charged at R10 per activation, this is to encourage clients not to play with the button and to use it responsibly.

-     Where a client activates a false panic and fails to answer the voice calls to the device and subsequent calls to his phone and resources are dispatched a penalty of R500 will apply

-     Where it is found that a client deliberately activates a false panic and resources are dispatched, law enforcement may charge the client criminally for obstructing justice

-     Tampering or opening the device will void the warranty


For R10 per month you can add either accident or fall detection to your device. You cannot have both as the device uses the same sensor and it can only be assigned to one or the other.

The accelerometer is set for one or the other to replicate the impact of a fall or accident. While this is not 100% accurate it will pick up on 95% of falls or accidents.

Falls: In the event of a fall we receive the an alert from the device. The control room will immediately attempt to make contact with the client via the device or cellphone to establish the circumstances and/or severity, this may simpy be that the client has dropped the device.
Should we not be able to make contact with the client we will inform the client’s emergency contacts, it is the responsibility of the emergency contacts to check or have someone check on the client. MOBI-CLAW911 to not accept responsibility to dispatch services to check on a client’s fall alert.

Accidents: On receipt of an accident alert the control room will attempt to contact the client to establish the circumstances and severity. If the client does not answer the call to the device or cellphone, the control room will inform the client’s emergency contacts and advise emergency services in the area to be on the look out for accidents in the area of the activation.


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